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    Correlation of sea-surface temperature (SST) with sea-ice concentration (SIC) between Subarea 48.6 and other areas such as Ross Sea, Weddell Sea

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    T. Namba, R. Sarralde, S. Somhlaba and J. Pompert
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    Mr Roberto Sarralde Vizuete (Испания)
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    Mr Roberto Sarralde Vizuete (Испания)
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    Since the correlation of SST between Subarea 48.6 and Division 58.4.2 was reported in Namba et al. (WG-SAM-17/10), correlations of SIC between Subareas 48.6 and 88.1 (Ross Sea), Weddell Sea and the Sea offPeru were re-analyzed in this paper. There is some correlation of SIC between Subareas 48.6 and 88.1 with SST data from 2002-2019. In addition, the correlation of SST and SST shifted forward 6 months was analyzed and there was some negative correlation between Subarea 48.6 and the central part of the Pacific ocean. Wider phenomena such as the El Niño Southern Oscillation must influence the correlation.

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