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    Assessment of the Dissostichus eleginoides stock in Subarea 48.3 for the 1990/91 season and calculation of TAC for the 1991/92 season

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    P.S. Gasiukov, R.S. Dorovskikh and K.V. Shust (USSR)
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    Shnyute’s generalised cohort analysis of size composition in catches was used to estimate the Dissostichus eleginoides stock in Area 48.3. This made it possible to ignore the hypothesis of equilibrium in the stock and to examine the dynamics of its abundance and biomass.
    At the start of the 1990/91 season the D. eleginoides stock is estimated to be 91.5 thousand tonnes.
    It has been determined that for optimal results, fishing operations should be conducted at a level of F0.1. In accordance with such a policy, a TAC of 8.8 thousand tonnes is proposed for the 1991/92 season.
    A sensitivity analysis demonstrated that the stock size and TAC were determined with a high degree of robustness