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    Assessment of the status of the Champsocephalus gunnari stock in the South Georgia area for the 1990/91 season and TAC calculations for the 1991/92 season

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    P.S. Gasiukov (USSR)
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    An adaptive approach was used to assess the Champsocephalus. gunnari stock in Area 48.3. Values of catch/effort by age group and by year of fishing were used in conjunction with abundance indices from trawl surveys in tuning the VPA.
    The C. gunnari stock at the start of the 1990/91 season is estimated at 184 thousand tonnes.
    Calculation of TAC was carded out keeping in mind the change to the fishing regime brought about by a change in mesh size (90 mm).
    A TAC of 59.4 thousand tonnes for C. gunnari is advised for an optimal regime of fishing operations at a level of F0.1 = 0.65.