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    Comparative study of the size composition of catches of D. eleginoides taken during the 25th expedition of the RV Akademic Knipovich in January 1990 (Subarea 48.3)

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    VNIRO (Russia)
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    Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) was found in catches of 25 trawls in the offshore area of South Georgia, and in catches of 13 trawls in the Shag Rocks Shelf. It was caught at all strata depths, but the most abundant catches were at 260-320 m depth. On the whole, catches of Patagonian toothfish consisted of juveniles 21–37 cm in length, immature fishes 41–78 cm in length and mature fishes 80–88 cm in length. Nevertheless, there were differences in the length range and the modal lengths of fish taken from different parts of the South Georgia shelf and the Shag Rocks shelf.

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