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    Working Group on Incidental Mortality Associated with Fishing
    Hobart, Australia
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    Срок подачи документов
    четверг, сентября 21, 2023 - 09:00 Хобарт, Австралия (Документ рабочей группы)

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      1     Opening of the meeting
      1.1     Introduction

      The meeting will start with an introduction by the WG Conveners and information to delegates of administrative, technical, and organizational matters

      1.2     Adoption of the Agenda

      The agenda for the meeting was developed following the workplan identified by the Scientific Committee in 2022. It will be reviewed, modified if necessary and adopted.

      1.3     Review of terms of reference and the work plan

      The Working Group will review the Terms of Reference (See SC-CIRC 23/52 and the work plan set out in SC-CAMLR-41, Table 8).

      2     Review of incidental mortality in CCAMLR fisheries

      The Working Group will review development of tools to explore and analyse incidental mortality at finer spatial and temporal scales (intersessional task 1.1), and the development of risk assessment for seabirds and marine mammals (intersessional task 3.1)

      3     Marine mammal incidental mortality
      3.1     Population status of marine mammals in the CAMLR convention area
      3.2     Incidental mortality and risk assessments of marine mammals in CCAMLR fisheries

      The Working Group will review any incidents and work to minimise the risk to marine mammals from interactions with fishing gears.

      3.3     Data collection needs from marine mammal interactions

      The Working Group will refine design of additional data to be collected by observers and crew when whale interactins with fishing gear occurs (intersessional task 2.1) and reveiw the development of protocols for pinniped sex and length sampling and training materials (intersessional task 2.3).

      3.4     Mitigation methods for marine mammals

      The Working Group will develop specifications for marine mammal exclusion devices in use in CCAMLR trawl fisheries (intersessional task 4.2)

      3.5     Advice to the Scientific Committee regarding marine mammals and CCAMLR fisheries
      4     Seabird incidental mortality
      4.1     Population status of seabird species in the CAMLR convention area
      4.2     Seabird incidental mortality and risk assessments in CCAMLR fisheries

      The Working Group will consider any power analysis of observer sampling required for warp strikes (intersessional task 5.1), redesign the warp strike observation protocols (intersessional task 5.2), explore approaches to undertake warp strike extrapolations (intersessional task 5.3), and review required levels of observer sampling for seabird incidental mortality with longline fishery (intersessional task 5.4).

      4.3     Mitigation methods for seabirds

      The Working Group will improve the design and develop specifications of ‘sock’ (intersessional task 6.1), review of net monitoring cable trial including consideration of performance of trawl warp/cable strike mitigation approaches utilised by continuous trawl vessels (intersessional task 6.2), and consider requirements for seabird mortality mitigation in conventional trawl vessels (intersessional task 6.3), and review developments in demersal longline mitigation (intersessional task 6.4).

      4.4     Advice to the Scientific Committee regarding seabirds and CCAMLR fisheries
      5     Observer reports and data collection
      6     Marine debris effects on seabirds and marine mammals

      The Working Group will review information on the effects of marine debris on marine mammals and seabirds in the Convention Area (intersessional task 8.1)

      7     Light pollution effects on seabirds

      The Working Group will consider options for the management of light pollution for vessels fishing in the Convention Area (intersessional task 9.1)

      8     Future work

      The Working Group will consider items of future work and intersessional work including review of high priority items to progress 2023-2027 as in the agreed workplan (SC-CAMLR-41 Table 10).

      9     Other business
      10     Advice to the Scientific Committee

      Advice from all agenda items will be consolidated for SC-CAMLR-42

      11     Adoption of the report and close of meeting