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    Research plan for toothfish in Divisions 58.4.4a and 58.4.4b by Shinsei Maru No. 3 in 2010/11

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    Delegation of Japan
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    In order to clarify the stock status and biological characteristics of Dissostichus spp. In Division 58.4.4 a & b, we submit this research plan for toothfish in the Division by Shinsei Maru No. 3 to be conducted in April-June 2011. This is the second year of the survey of the 3-5 years consecutive research focusing on tagging program, recommended by WG-SAM-09 in this Division, following the first survey conducted in 2009/10 season, when total sample size for Dissostichus spp. Was allowed as 60,000 kg. The research hauls are allocated on 10-minute latitude x 20-minute longitude grid points, taking into account the need to deploy research hauls and tagging releases evenly throughout the survey area in the same manner as 2009/10 survey. A Trot line system will be employed for all hauls. To apply the mark-and-recapture studies, sufficient tagging rate of 5 fish / ton will be conducted in the same manner as the 2009/10 survey. We calculated the two values (78 and 114 tonnes) of total allowable sample size for the 2010/11 survey, taking into account the need for completion of the survey and impact on the fish stock, and will take advices for the method of estimations in the WG-SAM-10 meeting.