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    Results of the longline survey for toothfish in the northern Ross Sea region (SSRU 88.2A) by the FV Seljevær, Norway

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    Delegation of Norway
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    Dr Olav Rune Godø (Норвегия)

    A multi-year, multi-member research program was established to map and sample the fishable areas of SSRUs 88.2 A–B north of 66° S latitude. During the 5th - 7th February 2015, the Norwegian fishing vessel FV Seljevær surveyed SSMRU 88.2 A, research block 3, defined in the multi-Member 88.2 offshore research survey. Bathymetric data were collected and longline fishing conducted to release tagged fish and collect information on the characteristics of the toothfish inhabiting the region. The vessel had a technical failure with the echosounder and bathymetry data are of low quality. The vessel set 5 longline sets with all vessel operations conforming to the required research criteria. A catch of 11 t of D mawsoni and 33 tagged fish released at 3.1 fish tagged per ton.