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    Preliminary results of the three season research surveys of the Spanish FV Tronio in Division 58.4.1

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    Номер документа:
    WG-SAM-16/40 Rev. 1
    R. Sarralde, L.J. López-Abellán and S. Barreiro
    Представлено (имя):
    Mr Roberto Sarralde Vizuete (Испания)
    Утверждено (имя):
    Ms Doro Forck (Секретариат АНТКОМ)

    Following the Spanish research plan approved by the SC-CCAMLR XXXII, during the third year of the multi-year research survey in the Division 58.4.1, as far as the ice condition allowed, the F/V Tronio has returned to the same places surveyed in the previous seasons and a prospection all along the area has been carried on.

    Preliminary results of the last 2015/16 season survey are presented together with a comparative analysis of the three-seasons carried out in this division. A depletion experiment has been made in each of the prospected SSRUs. Results in SSRUs 5841H and G are not conclusive. Likewise tag-recapture results have been poorer than expected. Accessibility problems by the ice cover and traces of IUU fishing found in the proposed areas might have great influence in the results.

    The IEO continues reading of otoliths for ageing Antarctic toothfish. These data will be added to the input data in the near future in order to carry out an integrated assessment of Dissostichus mawsoni stocks in this Division.   

    Results of other data collected such as fish bycatch or incidental catch of benthic taxa are also presented.