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    Summary fact sheets for bioregionalisation of the Southern Ocean – examples from the Indian Ocean sector (Area 58)

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    K. Martin-Smith, P. O’Brien, B. Raymond and A. Constable (Australia)
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    Factsheets outlining the physical and biological attributes of selected sectors of the CCAMLR convention area are presented. An overview of CCAMLR Area 58 (Indian Ocean Sector) illustrates bathymetry and major oceanographic features (fronts and sea ice extent) and describes the findings of the major surveys BROKE and BROKE-West. Subsidiary factsheets for the George V Land sector and Prydz Bay provide details of bathymetry, physical oceanography, cryosphere, geomorphology and benthic & pelagic biological communities. These factsheets provide easily accessible summaries of information relevant to the process of bioregionalisation of the Southern Ocean.