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    Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean: update on current status of designated areas

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    S.M. Grant and P.N. Trathan (UK)
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    Admin Admin (Секретариат АНТКОМ)

    The development of a representative system of Antarctic marine protected areas (MPAs) will require up to date information on the location, conservation aims and current status of protected areas designated within the Convention Area. As at August 2011, there is one designated MPA managed by CCAMLR. In addition, the ATCM has designated 6 exclusively marine Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs), 4 ASPAs with both marine and terrestrial components, and 3 Antarctic Specially Managed Areas (ASMAs) with both marine and terrestrial components (all located south of 60°S). A further 3 MPAs have so far been formally declared in those areas within the CCAMLR Convention Area that are managed under national jurisdictions. The geographic distribution and range of values being protected within these areas is currently limited and further areas will need to be designated in order to achieve a more representative system. The information compiled here provides a baseline against which additional proposed areas can be considered, and the future development of a representative system can be evaluated.