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    Scientific background document in support of the development of a CCAMLR MPA in the Weddell Sea (Antarctica) – Version 2018 – Reflection on the recommendations by WG-EMM-17 and SC-CAMLR-XXXVI

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    Номер документа:
    K. Teschke, H. Pehlke and T. Brey
    Представлено (имя):
    Dr Katharina Teschke (Германия)
    Утверждено (имя):
    Professor Thomas Brey
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    The CAMLR Scientific Committee in 2017 reviewed the scientific background document SC-CAMLR- XXXVI/BG/28. Germany was asked to carry out further work, in particular as regards the issues and questions raised at WG-EMM-17 and SC-CAMLR-XXXVI with respect to the WSMPA proposal (SC-CAMLR-XXXVI, Annex 6, §§ 5.1-5.14).

    Chapter 1 reflects on the recommendations concerning the suitability of some data layers for Marxan analyses, such as the data layer representing the distribution of Antarctic krill larvae (SC-CAMLR-XXXVI, Annex 6, §§ 5.9 - 5.10). Chapter 2 discusses the recommendations concerning the suitability of the cost layer developed for the WSMPA Marxan analysis (SC-CAMLR-XXXVI, Annex 6, §§ 5.10 and 5.12) and presents the updated cost layer. Chapter 3 provides a new data layer on juvenile Antarctic toothfish, and Chapter 4 presents a robustness testing of the WSMPA Marxan model.