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    Proposal by the Russian Federation for the provision of resources to conduct research in SSRUs of Subareas 88.1 and 88.2 that are closed to fishing

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    Delegation of the Russian Federation
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    Mr Dmitry Kremenyuk (Russian Federation)
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    Over the last three to four years the question has been raised in working groups and the CCAMLR Scientific Committee regarding the provision of resources for research in open and closed SSRUs in the Ross Sea. According to established practice and as a rule, if the research was conducted in open SSRUs, then the required proportion of the target species to be removed was taken from the TAC for that SSRU. If the research was carried out in closed SSRUs, then, as a rule, the TAC was taken from the largest TAC for the Ross Sea, from SSRUs HIK. We propose that research TACs be set for all closed SSRUs in the Ross Sea and Amundsen Sea.