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    Full Name
    Standing Committee on Administration and Finance
    Hobart, Australia
    Meeting Start Date/Time:
    Meeting End Date/Time:
    Submissions Due
    Saturday, 16 September 2017 - 00:00 Australia/Hobart (Background Paper)
    Friday, 1 September 2017 - 00:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Paper)

    Schedule for the Thirty-sixth Meetings of the Commission and the Scientific Committee

    Participants are not required to register for the SCIC and/or SCAF meetings. However, please register for the Commission meeting as usual.

    Meeting Report:
    e-scaf-17.pdf (470.77 KB)


      Document Number Title Agenda Item(s)
      More Info
      Second Performance Review of CCAMLR – Final Report of the Panel
      Performance Review Panel
      More Info
      Proposal for GEF (Global Environment Facility) funding to support capacity building in the GEF-eligible CCAMLR Members
      Delegations of Chile, India, Namibia, South Africa, Ukraine and the CCAMLR Secretariat
      More Info
      Examination of the audited financial statements for 2016
      Executive Secretary
      More Info
      Review of the 2017 Budget, Draft 2018 Budget and Forecast Budget for 2019
      Executive Secretary
      More Info
      Executive Secretary’s Report 2016/17
      Executive Secretary
      More Info
      Report of the Intersessional Correspondence Group on Sustainable Financing for 2016/17
      CCAMLR Secretariat
      More Info
      Description of the General Fund Budget
      CCAMLR Secretariat


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      1     Opening of meeting

      The Chair of SCAF will welcome delegates from CCAMLR Members and Observers.

      2     Organisation of meeting
      2.1     Agenda

      This agenda was adopted by the Commission under Item 2 of its agenda.

      3     Annual Financial Statements
      3.1     Examination of Audited Financial Statements for 2016

      Consistent with Financial Regulation 11.1, a full audit of the 2016 Financial Statements was completed in early 2017. The Financial Statements, together with the associated Audit Report, will be reviewed by SCAF and presented for acceptance by the Commission. In this regard, note should also be taken of COMM CIRC 17/37.

      3.2     Appointment of auditor

      SCAF will recommend an auditor for the 2017 and 2018 financial statements.

      4     Secretariat matters
      4.1     Executive Secretary’s Report

      The Executive Secretary will present his annual report. The report will summarise the implementation of activities and tasks described in the 2015–2018 Strategic Plan undertaken during the 2016/17 intersessional period (CCAMLR-XXXI, Annex 7, paragraph 3). The report will include matters relating to the Staffing and Salary Strategy for the Secretariat.

      5     Report of the CCAMLR Intersessional Correspondence Group on Sustainable Financing
      6.1     Review of 2017 Budget

      The status of the 2017 budget will be presented for review.

      6.2     Draft Budget for 2018

      A draft budget for 2018 will be presented. This will be used to prepare a recommended budget for 2018. The advice to the Commission will reflect SCAF’s discussions on financial and administrative issues as well as advice from the Scientific Committee and SCIC Chairs.  This item will be finalised late in the second week of the Commission’s meeting.

      As part of its budgetary considerations, SCAF will review any income and expenditure proposals for any of the Special and other Funds.

      6.3     Forecast Budget for 2019

      The Committee will present a forecast budget for 2019 to the Commission for information purposes only.

      7     Other business
      8     Report adoption

      SCAF will adopt a report that will be provided to the Commission.