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    Subgroup on Acoustic Survey and Analysis Methods
    La Jolla, USA
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    Meeting End Date/Time:
    Submissions Due
    Monday, 7 March 2016 - 00:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)

    Important deadline: Submission of personal details: 1 February 2016 (see Information from the organiser ). If you do not provide your details by the deadline, access to the venue cannot be guaranteed.

    Hotel La Jolla has kindly extended the deadline to book rooms in the reserved block until 23 February 2016 (see Update – hotel bookings (39.25 KB)).

    Meeting Report:
    e-sc-xxxv-a04.pdf (163.47 KB)


      Document Number Title Agenda Item(s)
      More Info
      A procedure for krill density estimation
      M.J. Cox, S. Fielding and A. Constable
      More Info
      CCAMLR protocol for krill biomass estimation
      S. Fielding, A. Cossio, M. Cox, C. Reiss and G. Skaret
      More Info
      Matlab code for calculating krill biomass in a survey area
      A. Cossio, J. Renfree and C. Reiss
      5.1, 2.2.2
      More Info
      Information from repeat acoustic transects to inform feedback management strategies: data for SG-ASAM 2016
      C.S. Reiss

      Preliminary Agenda

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      1     Introduction
      1.1     Opening of the meeting
      1.2     Adoption of the agenda
      2     Protocols for the collection and analysis of krill acoustic data from fishing vessels, with emphasis on Simrad echosounders (EK60, ES60/70)
      2.1     Protocols for data collection

      Review methods and where appropriate make the required changes/restructuring to the existing ‘Instruction manual for the collection of fishing-vessel-based acoustic data’

      2.1.1     Validation of acoustic instrument performance     Methods to improve internal instrument testing     Availability of standard sphere calibration to krill fishing vessels     Other calibration approaches

      Discussion of other calibration approaches, including seabed reflection measurements and collection of data in parallel with calibrated vessel

      2.1.2     Operational instructions for data collection     Review and refine the existing data collection approaches

      Review and refine approaches, including feedback (if any) from Members/vessels on the ‘Instruction manual for the collection of fishing-vessel-based acoustic data’ (SG-ASAM-15, Appendix D)

      2.2     Protocol for data screening and analysis
      2.2.1     Review noise removal algorithms

      Review algorithms, including the development of software-specific solutions and consideration of data compensation for the loss of information removed with ‘noise’

      2.2.2     Development of automated data processing/analysis algorithm/code
      2.2.3     Data storage and management
      3.1     Analysis to generate validated acoustic data suitable for further analyses
      3.2     Analysis to produce specific products from that validated acoustic data
      3.3     Analysis method for data collected during fishing operations
      4     Survey design

      Developing designs for future surveys that can be conducted by fishing vessels in addition to the collection of data along the existing ‘CCAMLR transects’

      5     Other issues
      5.1     Review and clarify the current documentation and instruction protocols for the implementation of the full SDWBA model
      5.2     Development of methods for the evaluation of uncertainty in acoustic estimates of krill biomass
      6     Recommendations to the Scientific Committee
      7     Adoption of report
      8     Close of meeting.