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    Draft MPA Report for the South Orkney Islands, Subarea 48.2; Part of CCAMLR MPA Planning Domain 1, Western Peninsula – South Scotia Arc

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    P. Trathan and S. Grant (United Kingdom)
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    In this paper we provide a brief history that describes the development of management plans and research and monitoring plans for CCAMLR MPAs. We develop a worked example of the management plan, research and monitoring plan and threats analysis for the South Orkney Islands southern shelf MPA which falls within CCAMLR MPA Planning Domain 1. We suggest that this CCAMLR MPA Report for the South Orkney Islands could form the basis for the MPA Report for CCAMLR MPA Planning Domain 1.

    We propose that others that have appropriate data and expertise might help develop the MPA Report, so that it delivers the information necessary for CCAMLR’s planning purposes, including the identification of other spatial planning measures close to the South Orkney Islands, and eventually the wider MPA Planning Domain 1.

    The paper notes that under Article II, CCAMLR is obliged to protect and conserve the marine ecosystem whilst also considering rational use. Consequently, the paper recognises that a good way to develop spatial protection measures is through the appropriate combination of scientific data and fisheries data derived from a range of sources and from a range of contributors.