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    An assessment strategy evaluation framework for testing the application of a CASAL based management system to the
    HIMI fishery

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    I.R. Ball and S.G. Candy (Australia)
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    A useful way of testing assessment methodology and related decisions is through the framework of management strategy evaluation and the simpler form of assessment strategy evaluation. Such a framework uses an operating model of the system to generate data against which the assessment model, or the entire management system can be evaluated against a number of suitably chosen performance measures. This paper defines the term Assessment Strategy Evaluation (ASE) and provides a practical framework for carrying out such an evaluation. The framework is implemented in the R programming language and the technical details and decisions made in the formulation of this framework are included in this paper. Initial testing of this framework with respect to the Patagonian Toothfish Dissostichus Eleginoides Fishery in Division 58.5.2 is described.