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    Brief results of research fishing in Subarea 88.3 in the 2010/11 season

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    Delegation of the Russian Federation

    According to the application that has been applied by Russian Federation in 2010 for season 2010/2011 research fishing in subarea 88.3 has been done. The work has been done by longliner “Sparta”, with two scientific observers aboard. They deployed 20 sets (trotline) at different depths. Total amount of set hooks is 87096. Research catching was carried out in SSRU B, C, and D. In SSRU A sets had not took place because of complicated ice conditions. The catch was totally analyzed for its biological characteristics. Additional catch’s biological characteristics have been analyzed too (excluding fish food analysis). According to the catch’s length variation, 30 fishes of different length have been tagged. Total catch is 256 toothfishes – 5230 kilograms weight. Data about spatial and bathymetrical distribution and nutrition of toothfish in subarea 88.3.B-D were collected 240 otolithes for age identification, 53 genetic specimens and 42 histological specimens have been collected.

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