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    Progress report on the Korean exploratory longline fishery for Dissostichus spp. in Divisions 58.4.1 and 58.4.2 in 2014/15

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    Delegation of the Republic of Korea
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    Dr Seok-Gwan Choi (Korea, Republic of)

    The research fishing had conducted in Divisions 58.4.1 and 58.4.2 from 12 November 2014 to 24 March 2015. Total 9 species including D. mawsoni had occurred, and D. mawsoni were caught 4,016 individuals with 131,992 kg. The research fishing using tags were conducted according to the CCAMLR CM, and 706 individuals were tagged and released for tagging recovery. And both of tagging rate and tag overlap rate were over 5, and reached about 80%, respectively. To get biological information, it was examined length, weight, sex and gut contents of each individual. In addition, studies related on marine environment were conducted for sampling fishes and plankton, getting information through CTD (Micro CAT, SBE37SMP) and satellite archival tags (Mini-PAT). These surveys, however, had not been conducted continuously due to weather condition and freezing floating ice. While conducting surveys, one of nets for sampling plankton was lost, and CTD equipment was damaged. It is judged to need measures for supplementing equipment handling for continuous research fishing.