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    Proposal to reposition the boundary between CCAMLR statistical Subareas 58.6 and 58.7

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    R.W. Leslie (South Africa) and G. Duhamel (France)
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    Dr Rob Leslie (South Africa)

    Subareas 58.6 and 58.7 are closed to fishing outside of the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) around the Crozet (France) and Prince Edward (South Africa) Archipelagos. The current boundary between Subareas 58.6 and 58.7 bisects the South African EEZ around the Prince Edward Islands. Thus fishery statistics reported for Subarea 58.7 reflects only part of the fishery in the South African EEZ, whereas statistics for Subarea 58.6 reflects data for the fisheries in the French EEZ at the Crozet Archipelago and part of the South African EEZ combined. As a result statistics reported by Subarea are of no use for management of the fisheries in these two Subareas. We propose that the boundary between Subareas 58.6 and 58.7 be repositioned on the 44°E meridian so that it falls in the high seas between the French and South African EEZs, and corresponds to the existing boundary between SSRUs 58.6A and 58.6B.