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    Results of a scientific electronic monitoring pilot study on the FV Janas during the 2017/18 Ross Sea fishing season

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    B. Plum, A. Smith and S. Parker
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    Mr Alistair Dunn (New Zealand)
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    Mr Alistair Dunn (New Zealand)

    During the 2017/2018 toothfish season in the Ross Sea, the New Zealand flagged Janas trialled a scientific electronic monitoring system during fishing operations in the Ross Sea region. The integrated system collected video data from three cameras (two at the starboard hauling area and one at the stern gear deployment area) along with time-linked data on vessel operations and location during all fishing activities. The trial showed that 1) the systems performed well in Antarctic conditions, 2) video and sensor data could be easily analysed to understand fishing activities (including understanding of hauling stoppages due to technical issues and/or broken lines, and 3) automated procedures can be developed to supplement and assist with scientific observation. This type of system has the potential to assist in improving the accuracy of data recording by observers, as well as allowing observers more time for biological and other sampling by reducing the time spent on tasks such as line setting observations, and determining species mix and size compositions.