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    Guidelines for fisheries-directed research addressing the Ross Sea region Marine Protected Area Research and Monitoring Plan

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    S. Parker and A. Dunn
    Submitted By:
    Mr Alistair Dunn (New Zealand)
    Approved By:
    Mr Alistair Dunn (New Zealand)

    Implementation of the Ross Sea region Marine Protected Area (CM 91-05) and the associated Research and Monitoring Plan (SC-CAMLR XXXVI-20) requires multidisciplinary research efforts by Members. Some of the research required will necessarily be implemented through CCAMLR approved fisheries research programmes proposed under CM 24‑01. Although considerable fisheries research is already underway in the Ross Sea region, research proposals will require robust experimental designs and collaborations among Members. Strategic decisions by the Scientific Committee and the Commission to prioritise and sequence necessary research will be required so that reviews of progress in research and monitoring to evaluate the objectives of the MPA can be best informed. We review priority research topics, key attributes of experimental design, and describe research programme attributes needed to achieve success. We encourage the CCAMLR Scientific Working Groups to further develop strategic approaches and criteria for fisheries-directed research proposed to inform the Research and Monitoring Plan.