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    Annex to WS-DmPH-18 report: Towards the development of a stock hypothesis for Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) in Area 48

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    WG-SAM-18/33 Rev. 1
    M. Söffker, A. Riley, M. Belchier, K. Teschke, H. Pehlke, S. Somhlaba, J. Graham, T. Namba, C.D. van der Lingen, T. Okuda, C. Darby, O.T. Albert, O.A. Bergstad, P. Brtnik, J. Caccavo, A. Capurro, C. Dorey, L. Ghigliotti, S. Hain, C. Jones, S. Kasatkina, M. La Mesa, D. Marichev, E. Molloy, C. Papetti, L. Pshenichnov, K. Reid, M.M. Santos and D. Welsford
    Submitted By:
    Dr Marta Söffker (European Union)
    Approved By:
    Dr Chris Darby (United Kingdom)

    Annex paper to the WS-DmpH-18 meeting report (part 2 of 2)

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