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    Sampling, calculation and use of conversion factors by New Zealand

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    N.A. Walker, J. Fenaughty, A. Berry, M. Messina and A. Burgess
    Submitted By:
    Mr Nathan Walker (New Zealand)
    Approved By:
    Mr Nathan Walker (New Zealand)

    This paper summarises the sampling procedures, methods for calculations and the vessel use of conversion factors used by New Zealand for its vessels operating in CCAMLR.

    Instructions issued to observers going onboard the New Zealand vessels describe the sampling procedures for informing the calculation of conversion factors. Typically, a four-year rolling average is used to issue vessel specific conversion factors for the next fishing season. Where data is insufficient, conversion factors are issued on basis of New Zealand fleet wide data or other proxies.

    We also provide some suggestion on improvements to the conversion factor process used by CCAMLR for discussion the conversion factor workshop.