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    CCAMLR convenes meetings on a range of topics each year. Since 1982, the annual meetings of the Commission (CCAMLR) and Scientific Committee (SC-CAMLR) have been convened in Hobart, Australia, in CCAMLR's four official languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish) using simultaneous interpretation.

    The Scientific Committee has several expert Working Groups that meet annually, or as required by the Scientific Committee. Although these meetings are held in English only, their reports are translated. CCAMLR also organises other meetings and workshops, as required, to address specific issues.

    The reports of CCAMLR meetings are published in the four official languages and are available to the general public. Titles and any abstracts of meeting documents are also publicly available once a meeting is finished (enquiries about accessing the full text of specific documents should be directed to the CCAMLR Secretariat). Registered users can log in and download meeting documents.

    Meetings of the Standing Committee on Implementation and Compliance (SCIC) and Standing Committee on Administration and Finance (SCAF) from 2013 to 2016 are not listed as individual meetings. Meeting reports for those years are available as annexes to the respective Commission report.

    Upcoming Meetings

    Title Location Date(s)
    WG-FSA-IMAF-2024 Hobart, Australia to
    CCAMLR-43 Hobart, Australia to
    SC-CAMLR-43 Hobart, Australia to
    SCIC-2024 Hobart, Australia to
    SCAF-2024 Hobart, Australia to

    Recent Meetings

    Title Location Date(s)
    HS-2024 Incheon, Korea to
    WG-EMM-2024 Leeuwarden, The Netherlands to
    WG-SAM-2024 Leeuwarden, The Netherlands to