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    Key Principles in Designating Marine Protected Areas and Marine Reserves

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Sarah Mackey (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    This paper summarises some key principles to consider in the designation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and Marine Reserves (MRs). These principles are derived from briefings produced by the Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA), an ASOC member. These briefings discuss the duration of MPAs and MRs, the application of the precautionary principle to MPAs and MRs and the designation of MPAs and MRs in the context of climate change. Additionally, CCAMLR’s opportunity to create a strong conservation legacy for future generations is highlighted. The Ross Sea and East Antarctic proposals are consistent with the provisions and practices of the CAMLR Convention, and offer appropriate precautionary, permanent, large-scale protection while allowing commercial fisheries to continue in some areas. By designating MPAs at CCAMLR XXXII, Members will demonstrate the leadership, vision and good stewardship that are critical for the long-term sustainability of the oceans.