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    2019 Report to CCAMLR by Oceanites, Inc. – Antarctic Site Inventory / MAPPPD and Related Projects / State of Antarctic Penguins 2019 Report / Penguin Population Changes / Climate Analyses / Recent, Notable Scientific Papers

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    Submitted by Oceanites, Inc.
    Presentado por:
    Mr Ron Naveen
    Aprobado por:
    Mr Ron Naveen

    This report summarizes activities of Oceanites since CCAMLR-XXXVII and SC-CAMLR-XXXVII, including: 

    • Results from the latest, 25th consecutive field season of the Antarctic Site Inventory 

    • Update on the Mapping Application for Penguin Populations and Projected Dynamics (MAPPPD); and its use within the Antarctic Treaty system and in CCAMLR

    • Working Group on Ecosystem Monitoring and Management (WG-EMM) 
    • Buffer zone analyses
    • Re-analysis of gentoo penguin populations in the Antarctic Peninsula 

    • State Of Antarctic Penguins 2019 Report and penguin population changes 

    • Update on Oceanites’ climate analyses

    • Recent, Notable Scientific Papers Relating to the Antarctic Site Inventory and MAPPPD.