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    Proposal for a multi-national research effort to quantify krill flux into, out of, and within the Bransfield Strait using a Super SWeet ARray of Moorings (SuperSWARM)

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    G. Watters, C. Reiss, G. Cutter, J. Hinke and D. Krause
    Presentado por:
    Dr George Watters (Estados Unidos de América)
    Aprobado por:
    Dr George Watters (Estados Unidos de América)
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    We invite Members to collaborate with the U.S. AMLR Program to conduct a multi-national, empirical study of krill flux through the Bransfield Strait and across the continental shelf surrounding Astrolabe Island. We propose to conduct this study with 20+ acoustically instrumented moorings. Collaboration could include refining study design, deploying and recovering moorings, conducting separate acoustic surveys to estimate krill standing stock within the study area, and, ultimately, data analysis and synthesis.