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    Gentoo breeding chronology by CEMP cameras – validation experiment

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    Delegation of Ukraine
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    Dr Kostiantyn Demianenko (Ucrania)

    Pygoscelis papua (gentoo) penguin colonies count at GAI CEMP site has been provided during 2020/21 breeding season. The penguin count by visual observations have been performed at Galindez Island. The detailed observation of gentoo (Pygoscelis papua) birds arrival, nesting, hatch and crèche has been provided in two colonies at GAI CEMP site (GBV, GPP1, GPP2) at Galindez Island nearby the Akademik Vernadsky station. The fourth year of data validation experiment has been provided for pictures from time lapse cameras of the CCAMLR CEMP camera monitoring project of at Galindez Island gentoo penguin colonies. During the 2020/2021 season, the winterers at Vernadsky station, Galindez Island, fulfilled every day observations of gentoo nests in the two sites where the automatic time lapse cameras installed. The results of visual observations will be compared with data from camera pictures, which registered the same nests that were observed. Due to expansion of gentoo penguins further to south we are going to increase the number of CEMP sites for continuous monitoring.