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    Benchmarking CCAMLR

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    Delegation of the United Kingdom
    Presentado por:
    Dr Chris Darby (Reino Unido)
    Aprobado por:
    Dr Chris Darby (Reino Unido)

    WG-SAM and WG-FSA both have substantial and increasing workloads. Discussions have recently been directed towards trying to organise their roles and work schedules such that there is a more cohesive structure and apportioning of their work schedules. The discussions to be held at the 2016 Scientific Committee symposium will likely raise these issues again which presents an opportunity to revisit the opportunity to develop a CCAMLR stock assessment and advice benchmarking process. The need for this was first raised in Scientific Committee (SC-XXXII, paragraph 3.66), developed in Darby (WG-SAM-14/16), recommended by WG-SAM 2014 (paragraphs 2.31 to 2.33) and subsequently endorsed by WG-FSA 2014 (paragraph 10.4). However, due to time constraints in 2014 the circle was not completed and the advice from WG-SAM and WG FSA has not been reviewed by Scientific Committee.

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