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    Information from repeat acoustic transects to inform feedback management strategies: data for SG-ASAM 2016

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    C.S. Reiss
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    Dr Christian Reiss (Estados Unidos de América)

    Raw and calibrated NASC from repeat acoustic transects sampled by commercial fishing vessels is one approach to collecting data to inform within season feedback management schemes. However, a lack of sufficient data exists from which to examine its efficacy. In addition to the time/monetary commitment by fishing nations to collect such data, a time series of data, like that collected by the U.S. AMLR Program in Sub-area 48.1, can provide background information to help develop these feedback approaches. In this paper I present some basic information from data collected by the U.S. AMLR Program along repeat transects sampled twice during summer between 1996 and 2011.  These data will be available during the SG-ASAM Meeting for investigation of potential utility in formulating plans for development feedback management strategies.