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    Draft revised Management Plan for ASMA No. 1: Admiralty Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Islands

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    J. Leal Madruga (Submitted by Brazil on behalf of the ASMA No. 1 Management Group – Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Poland)
    Presentado por:
    Sarah Mackey (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)
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    Brazil is coordinating the implementation of the review of the Management Plan for the Antarctic Specially Managed Area (ASMA) No. 1, Admiralty Bay, King George Island, South Shetland Archipelago. This draft revision of the management plan is has been submitted to WG-EMM to seek the advice of CCAMLR on those aspect of the management plan relevant to living marine resources following the procedures described in ATCM Decision 9 (2005).

    In particular the advice of CCAMLR is requested on the proposal that in order to ensure that any commercial harvesting is carried out in a  manner that is consistent with the scientific aims and objectives of the Management Plan, a proposal to undertake such harvesting activities shall be submitted to CCAMLR for its consideration and that  commercial harvesting specified in such a proposal shall only be undertaken with the prior approval of CCAMLR.