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    ASPAs 152/153: Western Bransfield Strait and Dallmann Bay: Highlights of scientific research results

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    Delegation of the USA
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    Polly A. Penhale (États-Unis d'Amérique)
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    Elizabeth Phelps (États-Unis d'Amérique)

    WG-EMM 2022 expressed an interest in the results of scientific research that has taken place within ASPAs 152 and 153 (WG-EMM-2022, para 3.2). The management plans of the two ASPAs were established in 1991 as important sites for studies of the composition, structure, and dynamics of marine benthic communities. The Areas are recognized as important spawning grounds for several fish species, including the rockcod Notothenia coriiceps and the icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus. Scientific research is also being undertaken on the benthic faunal communities. This paper lists research result highlights in several areas of study, followed by a selected bibliography for further information.