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    Maintaining CCAMLR’s ambition on Marine Protected Areas

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    Numéro du document:
    CCAMLR-XXXIII/BG/24 Rev. 2
    Submitted by ASOC
    Soumis par:
    Doug Cooper (Secrétariat de la CCAMLR)

    CCAMLR began work to develop a representative system of marine protected areas (MPAs) in 2005. Now in 2014, despite commitment within both the Scientific Committee and the Commission and the concerted effort by CCAMLR Members, significant progress towards implementing a representative system of MPAs has stalled. Furthermore, ASOC has been concerned to see a diminishing scale of ambition for CCAMLR’s representative system of MPAs and marine reserves. ASOC believes that the changes to proposed CCAMLR MPAs over the past several years have reflected a ‘lowest common denominator’ approach to consensus decision-making. The time has come for CCAMLR to move decisively towards meeting its commitment to implement a representative system of MPAs by designating the East Antarctic and Ross Sea MPAs.