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    The Future of Antarctica Forum: distinguishing climate change impacts from other impacts in the Antarctic Peninsula

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    Submitted by Oceanites, Inc.
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    Ron Naveen (Oceanites)
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    Ron Naveen (Oceanites)

    The paper reports on the outcomes of the first Future of Antarctica Forum that Oceanites, Inc. convened and held February 28 – March 9, 2016 in the Antarctic Peninsula, and work that has proceeded subsequent to the Forum. Major Antarctic stakeholders were present during the Forum, including representatives from the tourism and fishing industries, all of whom actively engaged in these discussions and made it clear that they have shared objectives. All stakeholder participants agreed on the importance of continued monitoring of the sensitive Antarctic Peninsula region and challenged Oceanites, because of its Antarctic Site Inventory project’s 22-year history monitoring this region, to ‘distinguish the direct and interactive effects of climate change, fishing, tourism, and national operations on ecosystems in the Antarctic Peninsula region for improved environmental management’. Oceanites accepted the challenge to bring together and analyse relevant data, with assistance as possible from the Forum participants, and with encouragement to keep the ATCM, CCAMLR, and all stakeholders informed as this effort proceeds. In particular, with assistance from IAATO and the Association of Responsible Krill Fishers (ARK), it is hoped that analyses can assist management of krill in the vicinity of penguin breeding and foraging locations.