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    Working Group on Statistics, Assessments and Modelling
    Kochi, India
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    lundi 12 juin 2023 à 09:00 Australie/Hobart (Document de groupe de travail)
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    f-sc-42-a5.pdf (595.48 Ko)


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      Methodical aspects of measuring the selectivity of gears in krill fishery
      S. Sergeev and S. Kasatkina
      WG-SAM-2023/01 Rev. 1
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      Continuation of the Research on Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) in Statistical Subarea 48.6 in 2023/24 from a multiyear plan (2021/22–2023/24): Research Plan under CM 21-02, paragraph 6(iii)
      Delegations of Japan, South Africa and Spain
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      Notification for the Ross Sea shelf survey in 2024: second year of an approved three-year research plan. Research plan under CM 24-01, paragraph 3 – Continuing Research
      Delegation of New Zealand
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      Continuing research in the Dissostichus mawsoni exploratory fishery in East Antarctica (Divisions 58.4.1 and 58.4.2) from 2022/23 to 2025/26; Research plan under CM21-02, paragraph 6(iii)
      Delegations of Australia, France, Japan, Republic of Korea and Spain
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      Continuing research plan for Dissostichus spp. under CM 24-01, paragraph 3, in Subarea 88.3 by Korea and Ukraine from 202122 to 202324 (Notification ID 120784)
      Delegations of Korea and Ukraine
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      New Fishery Research Proposal Plan for Dissostichus spp. under CM 24-01, paragraph 3, Subarea 48.2 during season 2023/24 – 2025/26
      Delegation of Chile
      WG-SAM-2023/06 Rev. 1
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      New fishery research proposal under CM 24-01, paragraph 3, to continue the acoustic-trawl survey Champsocephalus gunnari in statistical subarea 48.2 for 2024 and 2025
      Delegation of Ukraine
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      Notificación de intención de participar en la pesquería exploratoria de Dissostichus spp. en la subárea 48.6 de la CCRVMA durante la temporada 2023/24
      Delegación de Uruguay
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      Parameter transformations and alternative algorithms in Casal2 models
      A. Dunn and A. Grüss
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      An update of tag loss rates for Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) in the Ross Sea
      J.A. Devine
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      Evaluation of the impacts of using a double tag loss rate function and changing the time at liberty in the assessment of Ross Sea region Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni)
      A. Dunn and A. Grüss
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      Development of methods to use age-based tag-release and tag-recapture data in the assessment model of Ross Sea region Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni)
      A. Grüss, S. Mormede, A. Dunn and J.A. Devine
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      Summary of progress on the recommendations of the Independent Stock Assessment Review for Toothfish (2018) for the Ross Sea
      A. Dunn and J.A. Devine
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      Risk assessment for the Antarctic starry skate (Amblyraja georgiana) in the Ross Sea
      B. Finucci, J.A. Devine, S.J. Holmes and M.H. Pinkerton
      Plus d'infos
      A generalised additive mixed modelling framework to determine the probability that a sampled macrourid is either Macrourus caml or M. whitsoni in the Ross Sea region: Methods and preliminary results
      B.R. Moore, A. Grüss and M.H. Pinkerton
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      Comparison of growth estimation methods for Patagonian toothfish in South Georgia (Subarea 48.3)
      J.E. Marsh, T. Earl, P. Hollyman and C. Darby
      Plus d'infos
      2023 provisional trend analysis: preliminary estimates of toothfish biomass in research blocks
      CCAMLR Secretariat
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      A proposed agent-based modelling framework to support management strategy evaluations
      S. Thanassekos
      Plus d'infos
      Tag-overlap statistic calculation method
      CCAMLR Secretariat
      Plus d'infos
      On the issue of gear selectivity in relation to krill in the current CCAMLR topics
      S. Sergeev and S. Kasatkina
      Plus d'infos
      Comparison of outputs from integrated stock assessments using CASAL and Casal2 for the 2021 Patagonian toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) fishery at Heard Island and McDonald Islands (HIMI)
      C. Masere and P. Ziegler
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      Tentative research topics to contribute to the research on Dissostichus mawsoni in Subarea 48.6 from 2024/25 to 2026/27; Research plan under CM21-02, paragraph 6(iii)
      Delegation of the Republic of Korea
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      Progress report of the acoustic trawl survey Champsocephalus gunnari in Statistical Subarea 48.2 in 2023
      Delegation of Ukraine
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      Progress report on the joint research for Dissostichus spp. in Subarea 88.3 by the Republic of Korea and Ukraine in 2023
      Delegations of the Republic of Korea and Ukraine
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      2023 updated analysis of the sea-ice concentration in research blocks 4(RB4) and 5(RB5) of Subarea 48.6 with sea-surface temperature and winds and statistical analysis of repeated accessibility
      T. Namba, R. Sarralde, K Teschke, H. Pehlke, T. Brey, S. Hain, T. Okuda, S. Somhlaba and J. Pompert
      Plus d'infos
      Casal2 assessment for Antarctic krill in Subarea 48.1: a pilot model
      D. Kinzey and G.M. Watters

      Ordre du jour

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      1     Introduction
      1.1     Opening of the meeting
      1.2     Adoption of the Agenda
      2     Review of the terms of reference and workplan

      The Working Group will review the Terms of Reference (See SC-CAMLR-41, Annex 10 and the workplan set out in SC-CAMLR-41, Table 6).

      3     Development of methods to estimate biomass for krill
      3.1     Data collection needs and standards
      3.1.1     Effective sampling to estimate length frequency distribution
      4     Develop stock assessments to implement decision rules for krill
      4.1     Development of integrated stock assessment for krill
      5     Develop methods to estimate biomass for finfish
      5.1     Research plan design
      5.1.1     Gear standardisation effects on toothfish tagging program
      5.1.2     Development of toolbox for research plan design
      5.2     Data collection needs
      5.2.1     Develop protocol for toothfish conversion factor sampling
      5.2.2     Tag recapture reconciliation issues
      6     Develop stock assessments to implement decision rules for finfish
      6.3     Trend analysis rule development
      6.4     Diagnostic summaries of stock status
      7     Management strategy evaluations for target species
      7.1     Evaluation of the CCAMLR decision rules and potential alternative harvest control rules for assessed fisheries
      7.1.1     Development of an operating model
      7.1.2     Management strategy evaluation (MSE)     Develop operating model for data-limited toothfish fisheries
      8     Review of new research proposals
      8.1     New proposals under CM 21-02
      9     Review of ongoing research plan results and proposals
      9.2     Research results and proposals from Area 58
      10     Ecosystem monitoring
      10.1     Structured ecosystem monitoring programs
      10.2     Effective sample size for fish bycatch monitoring in the krill fishery
      11     Future work
      12     Other business
      13     Advice to the Scientific Committee
      14     Adoption of report and close of meeting