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    Moving towards a new era in ecosystem-based krill fishery management

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    Submitted by ASOC
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    Claire Christian (Invited Experts,ASOC)
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    Claire Christian (Invited Experts,ASOC)

    To move towards ecosystem-based management of the Antarctic krill fishery and meet the requirements of Article II of the Convention, ASOC recommends that:

    • SC-CAMLR endorses the work plan proposed by WG-EMM and prioritizes implementation of the work plan to enable revision of Conservation Measure (CM) 51-07.
    • SC-CAMLR agrees on the need to conduct subarea or finer scale stock assessments on a regular basis, reconciles methodological discrepancies between the 2000 and 2019 surveys, and develops standardised survey methods prior to conducting any future surveys.
    • SC-CAMLR provides advice on changes to krill catch reporting including 1) developing methods to accurately report catch despite differences in greenweight across vessels; 2) ensuring guides for finfish larvae and ice krill are provided to SISO observers; 3) ensuring a method for bycatch reporting at 2-hour intervals in the continuous mid-water trawl method.
    • CCAMLR reviews CM 21-03 to incorporate the agreed methodology to estimate 2-hour interval catches in the continuous mid-water trawl fishing gear.
    • SC-CAMLR organizes a technical workshop to undertake a comprehensive review of CEMP, considering the growing ecosystem monitoring requirements of CCAMLR.