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    Research and monitoring by New Zealand and Italy in support of the Ross Sea region Marine Protected Area

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    Numéro du document:
    SC-CAMLR-38/BG/25 Rev. 1
    Delegations of New Zealand and Italy
    Soumis par:
    Nathan Walker (Nouvelle-Zélande)
    Approuvé par:
    Nathan Walker (Nouvelle-Zélande)

    In 2016 the Commission adopted Conservation Measure (CM) 91-05, establishing the Ross Sea region Marine Protected Area (RSRMPA). Annex B of this CM specifies the RSRMPA specific objectives and the Management Plan. In addition, Annex C specifies the Priority elements for Scientific Research and Monitoring, including research and monitoring priorities, and research and monitoring questions that should be addressed.

    We recall the objectives of the RSRMPA and the research questions for research and monitoring for the RSRMPA. This paper updates the research and monitoring activities for New Zealand and Italy, as encouraged by CM 91-05 paragraph 16(i)–(ii), noting that other Members are also undertaking relevant research.

    New Zealand and Italy recommend that Members continue to share data and research outcomes relevant to the objectives of the RSRMPA.