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    Contributions to the biology of cephalopods in Prydz Bay, Antarctica - a preliminary report

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    The Australian Antarctic Division carried out an extensive sampling program for pelagic and benthic fauna in Prydz Bay, Antarctica (Indian Ocean Sector) in January to March, 1991.
    A total of 341 cephalopod specimens comprising 256 squids and 85 octopods were captured for study.
    This preliminary report presents capture records of eight species of squids; Brachioteuthis sp., Kondakovia longimena, Bathyteuthis abyssicola, Mastigoteuthis psychrophila, Psychroteuthis glacialis, Alluroteuthis antarcticus, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, and Galiteuthis glacialis. The Octopods captured are Megalehedone senei and several species of Pareledone.
    Psychroteuthis glacialis is reported to congregate on the bottom near the shelf edge at the depth of 400 - 600 m.
    No distinctive pattern in diel vertical movement was found for any of the species captured. Evidence suggests the existence of ontogenetic descent in Galiteuthis glacialis.