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    Delivering enhanced data access through CCAMLR–SOOS collaboration

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    Delegations of the USA, Belgium and SOOS
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    George Watters (États-Unis d'Amérique)
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    George Watters (États-Unis d'Amérique)

    As outlined fully in SC-CAMLR-BG-XX, a joint one-day workshop was held between SOOS and CCAMLR in April 2018. The full workshop report is available at All parties at the workshop agreed to the importance of strengthening the collaborative efforts between SOOS and CCAMLR communities, and that there is strong benefit to both communities to consider what each one can contribute to the mission of the other. A core objective of this workshop was to identify synergies in data management requirements between SOOS and CCAMLR, to avoid duplication and ensure data discoverability and access (where possible) by all. Towards this objective, this paper proposes four recommendations for consideration by SC-CAMLR.