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    CCAMLR protocol for krill biomass estimation

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    S. Fielding, A. Cossio, M. Cox, C. Reiss and G. Skaret
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    Sophie Fielding (Royaume-Uni)

    The original calculation of B0 arising from the CCAMLR-2000 survey was undertaken at the B0 workshop held in La Jolla, USA, in May 2000 (SC-CAMLR-XIX, Annex 4, Appendix G).

    A number of changes in assessing krill target strength (TS) and identifying acoustic targets have been introduced via both CCAMLR WG-EMM papers (e.g. Demer et al. 2007) and published literature (Demer and Conti, 2003; Conti and Demer, 2005) that led to the re-analysis of the CCAMLR-2000 survey at a workshop held in Cambridge, UK, in June 2010 (SC-CAMLR-XXIX, Annex 5).

    There remains some ambiguity to the interpretation of what is the protocol used to derive the current estimate of B0, and no single document is currently available to describe the full method. Prior to the 2016 CCAMLR SG-ASAM meeting we have amalgamated the existing documentation of the protocol (from previous CCAMLR meetings) and matlab/R analysis code that we will present at the ASAM meeting for endorsement. We envisage that this effort will then be summarised in a paper submitted to WG-EMM 2016 so that a single published document will exist with the most up-to-date method.