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    Oceanographic study of the Subarea 48.6 with sea-surface temperature (SST) anomaly and vertical profile of sea temperature (PST)

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    T. Namba, R. Sarralde, T. Ichii, T. Okuda, S. Somhlaba and J. Pompert
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    Roberto Sarralde Vizuete (Espagne)
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    Roberto Sarralde Vizuete (Espagne)
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    The Oceanographic study of the Subarea 48.6 on the SST, SIC, PST, current and wind vector was conducted. The lower SST corresponded to the higher SIC and vice versa. The PST  indicates  the  mixed  layer  depths  in  research  block5.  The  currents  around the research block 4 and 5 were indicated. It is found out that there is a relationship between the SST and the wind. The CTD vertical profile data collected by Tronio should contribute  to  developing  this  oceanographic  study.