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    Full Name
    COLTO–CCAMLR Tagging Workshop
    Hobart, Australia
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    Date/heure de fin de réunion:
    Dates limites de soumission
    mardi 28 février 2023 à 09:00 Australie/Hobart (Document de groupe de travail)

      Ordre du jour préliminaire

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      1     Welcome and introductions
      1.1     Workshop overview
      1.2     Tagging programs presentations
      2     Best practice discussions (including wet lab work)
      2.1     Toothfish and skate landing
      2.2     Toothfish and skate handling, station, and equipment
      2.3     Toothfish and skate release operations
      2.4     Review of current tagging protocol
      3     Data
      3.1     Tag release data
      3.2     Tag recapture data and recording
      3.3     Monitoring tagging operations and programm administration
      4     Looking forward
      4.1     Workplan for future improvement
      4.2     PSAT tags
      5     Outputs and report
      5.1     Agreement on what approaches and outputs will be best suited
      5.2     Summary/Report adoption