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    COLTO–CCAMLR Tagging Workshop
    Hobart, Australia
    Meeting Start Date/Time:
    Meeting End Date/Time:
    Submissions Due
    Tuesday, 28 February 2023 - 09:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)

      Preliminary Agenda

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      1     Setting the scene
      1.1     Workshop overview
      1.2     Tagging programs presentations
      1.3     Review of current tagging protocol
      2     Best practice discussions (including wet lab work)
      2.1     Toothfish and skate landing
      2.2     Toothfish and skate handling and tagging
      2.3     Toothfish and skate release operations
      3     Data
      3.1     Tag release data
      3.2     Tag recapture data and recording
      3.3     Monitoring tagging operations
      4     Looking forward
      4.1     Workplan for future improvement
      4.2     PSAT tags
      5     Outputs and report
      5.1     Agreement on what approaches and outputs will be best suited
      5.2     Summary/Report adoption