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    The Chinese national scientific observer program for the krill fishery in the Convention Areas from fishing season 2009/10 to 2014/15

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    Delegation of the People’s Republic of China
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    Dr Xianyong Zhao (Китай)
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    Since entered in the krill fishery in the 2009/10 fishing season, China has made every efforts to ensure maximum coverage possible and high quality scientific observation throughout Chinese krill fishing activities. The Bureau of Fisheries (BoF), Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of P. R. China has developed a comprehensive scientific observer training program and assignment scheme. During the past six fishing seasons, training courses were provided to the crew members, company managers as well as scientific observers at least once each year; 28 scientific observers were deployed on board 19 vessels/seasons out of the total 23 vessels/seasons in the fishery; the annual vessel coverage ranged from 66%-100%, with a six year mean of 82%. Scientific observer logbooks and cruise reports were submitted to the CCAMLR secretariat.