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    Joint SC-CAMLR and SC-IWC Workshop, its format and draft Terms of Reference

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    Co-conveners of the Joint SC-CAMLR and SC-IWC Workshop
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    Dr So Kawaguchi (Австралия)
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    A proposal for a Joint SC-CCAMLR IWC Workshop to develop multi-species models of the Antarctic marine ecosystem was proposed at the SC-CCAMLR 2014, and a steering group for the Workshop was formed.

    WG-EMM 2015 agreed on the benefit of dividing the workshop into two; the first to review data availability, and the second as a comprehensive discussion of approaches in relation to modelling and monitoring. The steering group was tasked to develop a draft terms of reference for the workshops to be tabled to the meetings SC-CAMLR 2015 and SC-IWC 2015 for both committees to consider.