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    Historical data synthesis in the Southern Ocean: Priority data sets

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    N.M. Johnston, E.J. Murphy, J.R.D. Silk, C.M. Waluda, S.L. Hill and R.D. Cavanagh (United Kingdom) on behalf of the ICED Scientific Steering Committee
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    Ms Doro Forck (Секретариат АНТКОМ)
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    As part of its long-term goal, ICED encourages the rescue and integration of existing data sets to enable investigation of long-term, large-scale ecosystem dynamics across the Southern Ocean. Historical data sets have a particular value in providing ‘baseline’ physical and biological data, against which we can assess current and future dynamics of ecosystems under scenarios of climate and anthropogenic-induced change. Such information can be used to underpin sustainable management strategies. We give an example of an historical data rescue project that is being conducted by ICED scientists at the British Antarctic Survey, centred on the first comprehensive oceanographic research campaign in the Southern Ocean, the Discovery Investigations (1925-1951). ICED is keen to work with CCAMLR to determine how best to make use of the resulting datasets and scientific outputs. ICED also sees great value in working alongside CCAMLR scientists to identify other relevant datasets that require rescue and integration to aid monitoring and management of Southern Ocean ecosystems. We invite data holders to supply summaries of relevant data sets which we will collate in an open access document. This document should assist the efforts of data holders and the wider community to raise awareness and develop strategies to make data available for analysis.