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    Abundance, distribution, energy density and trophic position of euphausiids during winter 2012: preliminary results from the first US AMLR Winter Survey

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    C. Reiss and C. Jones (USA)
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    Sarah Mackey (Секретариат АНТКОМ)
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    The US AMLR Program has established a 5 year winter oceanographic and biological sampling program to better understand winter conditions affecting the productivity and survival of euphausiids in a changing ecosystem. Oceanographic sampling includes hydrographic measurements as well as collection and analysis of water samples from fixed depths. Net tows for euphausiids and other pelagic zooplankton taxa are also collected. Here we present preliminary results  of a first 8 day shakedown cruise reporting the distribution, size and properties of krill and other euphausiids and present some data on water column properties. Future years will include more detailed sampling using a multi-net tucker trawl, ice cores for examination of ice properties, and continued development of genomic studies to understand links between pico-plankton and meso-zooplankton.