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    Procedure for estimating two-hour catches on vessels conducting continuous krill trawling and proposal for adding the description of the procedure as an annex to CM 21-03

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    O.A. Bergstad
    Submitted By:
    Dr Odd Aksel Bergstad (Norway)
    Approved By:
    Dr Odd Aksel Bergstad (Norway)

    With reference to comments from WG-EMM 2019, further explanation is provided of the procedure to derive two-hour catches on Norwegian vessels using the Continuous Trawling System in the krill fishery. The procedure, now used on all vessels, splits the flow scale measured daily catch into two-hour catches using a distribution of the estimated two-hour catches derived from holding tank volumes and weights accumulated during successive two-hour intervals. The method is a combination of two methods referred to in CM 21-03 (Annex 21-03/B), but has elements not described in the CM. The paper offers additional explanation of the procedure and illustrates the daily records kept by the vessels, as of July 2019 also available for study by CCAMLR.  Recognizing that there has been lack of clarity on the procedure previously, it is proposed that the SC considers including reference to the procedure and a text description in CM 21-03.