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    Working Group on Ecosystem Monitoring and Management
    Kochi, India
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    Meeting End Date/Time:
    Submissions Due
    Monday, 19 June 2023 - 09:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)


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      1     Introduction
      1.1     Opening of the meeting
      1.2     Adoption of the agenda
      2     Review Terms of Reference and workplan

      The Working Group will review the Terms of Reference (See SC-CAMLR-41, Annex 10 and the workplan set out in SC-CAMLR-41, Table 7).

      3     Krill fishery
      3.1     Fishing activities (updates and data)
      3.2     Scientific observation
      3.3     CPUE and spatial dynamics
      3.4     Fishing vessel surveys
      4     Krill fishery management
      4.1     WG-ASAM advice and considerations on the krill management strategy (biomass survey designs, methods to use fishing fleets as monitoring platforms, data collection)
      4.2     WG-SAM advice and considerations on the krill management strategy (development of integrated stock assessment for krill)
      4.3     Develop methods to estimate biomass for krill
      4.3.1     Data collection needs (SISO (recognising Observer Workshop), vessels)
      4.3.2     Biomass estimation methods (Grym parameters for krill stock model)
      4.3.3     Account for spatial structure of krill
      4.4     Develop stock assessments to implement decision rules for krill for subarea 48.1
      4.4.1     Synthesis of krill recruitment
      4.4.2     Spatial scale
      4.4.3     Biomass estimates
      4.4.4     Krill spatial overlap analysis
      4.5     Symposium on holistic approach to management in Subarea 48.1

      The Working Group will provide comment on the development of a symposium to progress holistic approach to management in Subarea 48.1 following discussion in the e-group (CAMLR-41, paragraph 4.18).

      5     Ecosystem monitoring and observation
      5.1     CEMP monitoring (1-day focus topic)

      We will have a one-day special focus topic on CEMP (week 1) to begin a staged approach that aims to revise CEMP in a timely manner to complement the development of the krill management approach (SC-CAMLR-41 paragraphs 3.40 and 3.41).

      5.2     Other monitoring data (marine debris)
      5.3     Review of CCAMLR research and monitoring design and implementation
      6     Krill-based ecosystem interactions

      The Working Group will consider new information related topics including biology, ecology and population of krill and depend predators.

      6.1     Krill biology, ecology and population dynamics
      6.2     Krill life-history parameters and population models
      6.3     Krill predator biology, ecology and population dynamics
      7     Spatial management
      7.1     Data analysis supporting spatial management approaches in CCAMLR
      7.2     Integration of existing measures in spatial management approaches
      7.3     Research and monitoring plans for MPAs
      7.4     VME data and spatial planning approaches
      8     Climate change and associated research and monitoring

      The Working Group will provide advice to the upcoming workshop on climate change (SC-CAMLR-41, parafraph 7.10) which aims to develop ecosystems indicators and integrate climate change throughout CCAMLR’s scientific work (see Terms of Reference).

      9     Other business
      10     Future work

      The Working Group will consider the workplan in SC-CAMLR-41, Table 9, and identify any reprioritisation or revision for discussion by the Scientific Committee.

      11     Advice to the Scientific Committee and its working groups
      12     Adoption of the report and close of the meeting.