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    An overview of tagging skates (Rajiformes) and CCAMLR skate tagging data

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    Document Number:
    WG-SAM-13/25 Rev. 1
    S.R. McCully, D. Goldsmith, G. Burt, R. Scott and J.R. Ellis (United Kingdom)
    Submitted By:
    Sarah Mackey (CCAMLR Secretariat)
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    Tagging studies of skates and rays worldwide provide valuable information to help better understand a wide range of metrics including movements and migrations, stock units, growth rates, longevity, discard survival and abundance. Most Antarctic skate species are little known and, coupled with taxonomic and identification problems, this makes the tagging studies undertaken in CCAMLR area a potentially valuable data source to better understand this group of fish. Despite tagging programmes being conducted in the CCAMLR area for several years now, only preliminary observations have been presented to CCAMLR Working Groups. This report provides an overview of global tagging studies on skates, a review of tag loss and tag shedding rates in fish (with emphasis on elasmobranchs), a summary of CEFAS tagging data for skates from European waters to inform on typical return rates and initial observations on some of the tagging work undertaken under the auspices of CCAMLR in the Southern Ocean with comments on data quality and suggestions for future work.

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